Company Response Rates On Facebook Vary

The stronger the connection with a product, the less it seems brands are willing to interact with their consumers on Facebook. SocialBakers, a social media measurement firm, has shown that finance, airline, and telecom businesses have much higher social media response rates than alcohol, automotive, and electronics brands do.

SocialBakers measured 10,000 public Facebook brand pages worldwide for March of this year. The firm measured in percentages, looking at the number of user initiated wall posts that received a brand response. Highflyers included:

·         Airlines - 55 % response rate

·         Finance companies - 46 % response rate

·         Telecom companies - 60 % response rate

Meanwhile, few industries do not seem to care about user initiated wall posts:

Automotive brands - 17 % response rate

Alcohol brands - 5 % response rate

Media brands - 5 % response rate

Perhaps certain brands feel that they do not have to go 'above and beyond'. Few people feel passionately about a telecom provider or airline. They often select the best available price. Meanwhile, automotive and alcohol brands traditionally have more consumer loyalty.

No social marketing strategy can be truly successful without actively engaging the audience. Why should a business even have social media if they were not going to actively engage their audience in the first place? This is the mistake that many companies make, using social media just because they feel 'it is the thing to do.'

Every business should strive to avoid being anything like a beer company from Brazil– the company with the lowest response rate. Their response rate stood at a measly 0.1% with more than 14,000 unanswered questions. Social media is not just another website, it is time companies stopped acting as if it was.