Do not forget about Bing

It has become somewhat of a running joke for those that consider themselves 'internet savvy' – the discussion between Google search and the Bing search engine. Most complain that Bing simply does not produce the type of desired results that Google's algorithm does. However, if you were developing a PPC marketing strategy from scratch nowadays, you would be foolish to ignore the potential that Bing has.

The reason for that fact? The Microsoft backed search engine continues to steal costumers away from Google, slowly but surely. Even though the search market majority share that Google has is not close to being challenged yet, there are some interesting developments over the last year.

Experian Hitwise revealed that the share for Google dropped from 68.1 % on the United States market to 65%. Meanwhile, Bing was at 26.79% a year ago and rose to 28.1%.  Even though the results are not shocking, it does show that Bing is on the rise.

One thing to remember though is that the study did not include mobile search, which one can only assume would be Google dominated considering that the most popular makes of smartphone use Google as their default search engine.

Does this mean that you should cancel any contact you may have with Google and focus solely on Bing? Of course not. What it does show is that if you are only marketing towards one specific search engine, you are missing out on more than a quarter of potential audience members. That is something that no self-respecting marketing professional would ever voluntarily agree to do.