YouTube aiming to connect video creators directly with advertisers

YouTube is looking to expand its industry by drawing in small businesses – they are doing so by introducing a new platform. This new platform is aimed at directly connecting advertisers with YouTube video creators. They have labeled it the 'Video Creation Marketplace'. The premise is to help potential advertisers find YouTube partners that would best suit their needs for their product, service, or message.

Even though the service is not due to launch until later this summer, there is a lot of buzz about it already. This of course is great news for any small business owner. YouTube aims to make a business's marketing strategy much more cost-effective. It takes the research out of the equation.

Partnerships are not new. Brands have previously worked with popular video celebrities. Garnier being a prime example, having worked with popular video producers such as MysteryGuitarMan and Zem Joaquin. However, the new marketplace is sure to open up business not only for video creators, but for smaller businesses as well.

Research has already demonstrated that video improves click through rates in a major way, and to be associated with a quasi-celebrity on YouTube would only improve the chance of click through rates going up.  Combining business with the largest video library on the Internet sounds like a marketing success no matter how we look at it. It is a great idea that should ultimately provide smaller companies with a lot more exposure. We cannot be certain how it is going to play out until we see it in action later this summer, but it should be good.