Tonight We Tanqueray promotion crossing platforms and blending beautifully

When it comes to gin, most people consider it a ‘love it or hate it’ type of drink. Few people order gin simply to try it. The drink does not have the popular and stylish marketing behind it that both tequila and vodka do – but Diageo is aiming to change that with its Tanqueray London Dry gin brand.

A global promotion launched under the push ‘Tonight We Tanqueray.’ The promotion does not merely consist of promoting the dry gin, but rather an entire atmosphere that promotes musical, film, and fashion platforms. Diageo aimed to spend almost $25 million on three major markets alone (Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States)

Starting the night off right
Tanqueray London Dry gin has a history of more than 175 years and is one of the world's most award-winning white spirits. Though Tanqueray is already the most imported gin in the United States and known for its red emblem and iconic green bottle, Diageo is forced to admit that Tanqueray may not be the first thing that people think about when they imagine ‘a night on the town’. The new campaign invites users to start the night right and positions Tanqueray as the beverage to set an overall mood for the evening. This means that Tanqueray is not just presented an alcoholic drink, it is an experience, it is a state of mind that Diageo is selling.

Fronting the campaign
Four different celebrities partake in the ‘Tonight we Tanqueray’ campaign, these include Karen Elson (a supermodel-turned-singer), actor Michael Pitt (known for Funny Games and Boardwalk Empire), actor Idris Elba (known for Luther, and The Wire), and hip-hop artist Aloe Blacc. These four celebrities are known worldwide and they perfectly match the areas Tanqueray was after, music, film, and fashion. They endorse the brand and participate in music, film, and fashion events for the brand.

When talking about creating a certain atmosphere and setting the tone for an evening, it is important that the consumer have a basic understanding of what they can strive for when drinking Tanqueray. This feeling is perfectly captured by the new Tanqueray website. The site provides an interactive experience in a virtual bar, complete with V.I.P treatment. By moving the mouse left and right, the user is able to navigate through individual storylines. The entire website is interactive without ever feeling overwhelming. To see individuals having fun, bartenders stylishly pouring drinks made with Tanqueray, and the ability to unlock behind-the-scenes content allows users to find out for themselves what it means to ‘Tanqueray.’

The song
Of course, it would be a shame to have Aloe Blacc as one of the four representatives of Tanqueray without using his musical abilities. Blacc, known for his hit single ‘I Need a Dollar’ wrote the song ‘Tonight Downtown’ specifically for Tanqueray. Blacc produced a Tanqueray-inspired track and allows fans to remix the song on, an interactive music format that allows fans to share and remix songs. Not only does the song capture the right feel, by inviting fans throughout the world to create and share their interpretation of the song, it automatically sets the right mood that Tanqueray is after.

When it comes to introducing a 181-year-old British gin to the burgeoning youth market, a sleek, hip, new ad campaign is the perfect way to go. Using a catchy song as a base for its campaign, allowing the users to be interactive on alternative and social media, and having a site devoted to nightlife partying is a perfect way to generate interest, and Tanqueray is doing it perfectly.

About Diageo
Diageo is one of the leading companies in the branded beverage alcohol industry. Diageo works on the distribution and production of branded premium wine, beer, and sprits. Some of the more famous brands include Bushmills Irish, Crown Royal Canadian, Guinness, Tanqueray, Baileys Original Irish Cream, Captain Morgan, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and holds the North American distribution rights to Jose Cuervo tequila. Along with its subsidiaries, Diageo sells its products in 180 markets.