Mobile Access Continues To Grow And Attract More Users

If there is one word that any marketing specialist should keep in mind when it comes to their social marketing strategy, the word is mobile. Though the news should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention, recent reports from analyst Comscore confirmed that more users are using their smartphones for gaming and social purposes.

For the quarter ending in June, 36.9% of these users accessed a blog or social networking site on their smartphone, which is up almost an entire percentage point when we compare that number to the first quarter of the year. Mobile gaming also rose, moving up from 32.6% to 33.4%. Even though the numbers may be growing steadily, it does demonstrate that an increasing number of mobile users are starting to feel comfortable using their smartphones for traditional desktop tasks.

The largest growth came in the form of apps and music, music rose to 27.6% (up 2.3%) while apps rose an additional 1.4% to an incredible 51.4%, marking this as the first reported instance that more users are using apps than not.

The only negative in the entire report when it comes to a social marketing strategy is for those people that put their eggs into the RIM (Research In Motion) basket. Their share of smartphone subscribers dipped 1.6% while its competitors continued to rise steadily. Overall, it just goes to show that users are becoming more comfortable with using their smartphones for additional tasks, meaning that it is becoming a market segment people would be foolish to ignore.