Facebook ads become a lot bigger – how will the audience react?

One of the most difficult things to balance for anyone involved in advertising is the desire for exposure versus being intrusive. The latest redesign of Facebook may lead to ‘more bang for your buck’ when it comes to brands, but is it going to lead to better click-through rates and enhanced brand impressions?

Facebook took the design of its newsfeed and made a few changes, the most important one for marketers being that posts are now much larger. In fact, pictures included in the posts (which would show a product or the logo of a brand) are now twice the size than what they were before. This means that brands that are paying for space generate more visual exposure. Even though advertisements have been around the Facebook newsfeeds since the end of 2011, this is the first time that they have gotten this much exposure.

The question that needs to be asked is ‘how much is too much?’ Just last week, there were already reports that a number of users were becoming ‘tired’ of Facebook and did not spend as much of their time on the social networking site anymore. Are increasing advertisement sizes going to lead to resentment or are users simply going to accept them as they have with just about any change Facebook has implemented over the last three years?

While it remains to be seen if it generates extra income or clicks, marketers are certainly going to be intrigued by anything that allows them more exposure.