AirG added the ability for Mobile Niche Targeting

While not necessarily the social behemoth that Facebook is, AirG is a large mobile social network that has over 70 million unique users. A user base of that size is interesting to anyone interested in marketing his or her product to a wide range of consumers. However, the difficult thing can be to have a target message that reaches your demographic – but AirG is actively changing that.

AirG introduced 15 targeting parameters in order to help advertisers reach their audience with mobile services. These parameters include aspects like salary range, job, and ethnicity. Companies such as Red Bull are already using the specific data shared that the users of the social network share freely.

In the Red Bull example, the company used the information to drive registration and promote the annual Crashed Iced World Championship event. By having the ability to target young males living in Canada that had a specific interest in winter sports such as hockey and skating, interest was raised. As a result, more than 10 percent of all registrations for the event came from mobile users.

For many copywriters and advertising executives it is already clear, mobile marketing is the future of this business. Considering the fact that users are constantly on their cell phones and tablets, always seeking out information and engaging others, it simply makes sense that this is the next step. When users provide information about themselves willingly, it is easier to provide them with offers that are interesting to them, thus increasing the chance of a possible sale.