You're Looking For More Customers: Are You Prepared For Them?

Even though Valentine’s Day may have been two weeks ago, anyone looking for recent examples of how not to implement their online marketing strategy and social media response may look towards Teleflora's recent Valentine’s Day debacle. 
Even though Teleflora had the right idea, running a short Super Bowl commercial with supermodel Adriana Lima, they were apparently not able to handle the increase in demand that the ad caused. On February 15th and 16th angry customers were still waiting for their flowers that would have supposedly been delivered on the ‘most romantic day of the year’. They took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their displeasure.

Another issue is that the social media response by Teleflora has been considered less than spectacular as well. When several customers voiced their complaints, the only response that was provided came in the form of an apology (which is fine) and that customers should message their order number so people can resolve the issue.

The problem of course is the fact that Valentine’s Day has such a small window that any delivery after the 14th feels as though the order may well be cancelled. This is not like delivery of a package being a day late, the extra day defeats the purpose for many customers.

While the later promise of a full refund AND 30% off any next order is a fair offer, it would appear highly unlikely that people are going to take Teleflora up on their offer judging by the social media conversation. All this money spent on a Super Bowl commercial with a famous celebrity, only to fail at the follow-up when the ad turns out to be successful – just another chapter of how companies should be careful what they wish for.

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