35,000 New Twitter Followers For The Knicks Is Lin-sane

It appears as though Jeremy Lin is not only helping the New York Knicks on the basketball court, but also in the realm of social media. In fact, in just a few weeks the breakthrough athlete managed to increase the number of Facebook likes/fans from 1.4 million to its recent number of 1.95 million.

Most online marketing strategists would do anything for the type of exposure that Jeremy Lin has brought to the New York Knicks. The facts are simply staggering when we look at the results Lin has had on social media. Since February 4, the first day that Jeremy Lin made his starting lineup debut these are the facts.

·         Website traffic for the official website of the New York Knicks was up 770 percent when compared to two weeks earlier.

·         Video views on NYKnicks.com went up more than 2,000 percent since Lin has entered the starting lineup

·         The website also saw an increase of 531 percent in unique visitors

·         In just 18 days, there were more than 1.8 million total video views

·         Among all NBA properties, the top visited site was NYKnicks.com for the week ending February 19.

·         Since Lin became a first-team regular, there have been 35,000 new Twitter followers for the official Twitter feed of the New York Knicks.

While social media is great exposure, the team still prefers retail sales. Luckily for the team, "Linsanity" is also in full effect there. According to the e-commerce provider for the Knicks - Delivery Agent – sales on the official store website have jumped approximately 4,000 percent, mostly due to Lin related items. Sometimes online copywriters have their work cut out for them, other times they just get lucky with a story like this.