Pinterest more trusted by women

If you were an online marketing strategist looking to target women, which social network would you choose if you could only select one? According to an annual study on women and social media by BlogHer, you may be surprised with the results. Out of the women surveyed, 73% said they trusted Twitter, 67% said they trusted Facebook, but a whopping 81% of women responded that they trusted blogs and Pinterest.  
Overall, what is most interesting for the bottom line is finding out whether recommendations made on social media actually make people want to buy the product. Even in those instances, Pinterest and blogs are clearly ahead of the competition. When asked whether they had ever bought something on a recommendation through social media, only 31% said they had done so through Twitter, 33 % said they had done so through Facebook and 47% said they acted on advice received from Pinterest.

Even though Pinterest may be the new kid on the block when it comes to social media, this is the type of information that no online marketing strategist should simply shrug off.  It also interesting to note that while it clearly shows that Pinterest has the power to persuade women, when it comes to being trusted as a source of consumer information, social media is still growing. After all, 41 % of women that were interviewed stated that they never paid any attention to social media before deciding upon making a purchase. That number however is likely to keep getting smaller as social media continues to be the way most people get their information.