The Outline of a Social Media Revolution

Even those that are not active on social media have been unable to escape the 'Kony 2012' phenomena. The 30-minute video documentary was uploaded onto YouTube on March 4, just five days later it had more than 55 million views. It transcended the boundaries of social media and traditional media outlets throughout the world were picking up the story.

For those that perhaps have not seen the video yet, it deals with The Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and its leader: Joseph Kony. Even though there has been a lot of criticism of the group behind the social media message - Invisible Children – this not is necessarily the place to discuss politics. What is interesting in determining how this 30-minute video documentary was relatively obscure just a few days ago, and has exploded into a viral phenomenon.

Even though this movie may not necessarily have been created to demonstrate the success of media to raise awareness, it certainly is the best example we have ever seen. Anyone looking for the best possible way to use social media in their communications and marketing efforts should take close attention to the way this viral sensation exploded. These are the important steps to take away from this:

Include the audience: Once you include the audience that you are trying to reach in the message, (teenagers are just about every in the 30-minute film) it gives them a sense of participation, as if it matters to them.

Be honest: At no point does the movie lie about what it is trying to accomplish. It provides information without sounding condescending

Keep it simple: Although it has faced some opposition for this point as well, the fact that they narrowed down the problem and made it clear and understandable certainly helps. It makes people feel that they understand the problem. Once you understand the problem, you can fix it.