Study shows that video may be the best way to engage customers

It is one of the most important questions that any copywriter asks him or herself every time that they sit down to write – how can I best engage my potential customer? Well, according to Medialets (a mobile rich media ad platform) it is possible to improve mobile ad engagement by adding video – improvements upwards of 35%.

A recently published study indicated that those ads that had video content had a much higher engagement rate. They found that mobile users spent a total of 20 seconds within the actual advertisement itself. If the company includes product catalog information or video within the ad itself, this time can increase from 20 seconds all to over a minute. As you can imagine, any time that a company has prolonged exposure, they are ensuring that they are getting their money's worth.

Despite the promising numbers that would indicate the success of video content, less than half of the mobile ads on tablets contained video (only 30%) and the number of mobile ads on smartphones was even lower at 12%. However, as companies are looking to make the most of their investment, chances are that we are going to see the use of mobile rich media focus towards what is proving to be successful.

Slowly but surely these advertisements are going to steer away from simply 'being present' to actually interacting with the user in such a way that the end-user finds enjoyable. One thing is certain; as this data is released, more companies are going to pay close attention to the success of mobile video advertising.