Yahoo Video Visitors Up, Facebook Video Visitors Down

When the recent numbers were announced in relates to the number of unique visitors viewing video online, it served as a reminder that online users can be quite fickle. The number of users that viewed video on Facebook declined whereas Yahoo shot up 8 percent, the exact opposite of what experts may have predicted a year ago.
Of course, Google (which includes YouTube) reined supreme when it came to the overall visits, with more than double the amount of viewers that the second leading site (Yahoo) had. However, it is interesting to see that Yahoo was rebounding while Facebook went down.

One large loser was Facebook that saw the number of unique visitors decrease by 8 percent. Now while this does necessarily mean that Facebook is on the decline (far from it) it certainly would indicate that Facebook may not necessarily be the one-stop place that it wants to be. With many consumers worried about privacy, and with many video feeds within Facebook demanding that you install a certain Facebook app just to follow a URL, it becomes clear that Facebook needs to adapt their video strategy to the needs of the consumer.

AOL (yes it is still around, and some people are actually still paying for AOL dial-up believe it or not) meanwhile lost the most momentum, dropping 23 percent.

The message is clear, if you want to ensure that you are reaching the widest target audience as a marketer, you would be doing yourself a tremendous disservice by only focusing on a single platform on which to distribute your message.