The international appeal of pizza

Copywriting is difficult enough, but writing copy that sells in more than one language? Judging by the recent Domino's campaign that drove 542,000 users to ordering sites on December 8, it is possible. The campaign (which lasted just one day, but had been prepared for a little more than six months) ran in 19 international markets. Domino's was offering half-price pizzas worldwide to celebrate the brand's 51st birthday. 
It was the first time that Dominos ran a single promotion worldwide according to the VP of digital marketing for Domino's, Dennis Maloney. Even though approximately half of the Domino's franchises are located in the United States, sales were impressive in Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Korea. Among the challenges was the fact that every international market needed its own individual, localized, approach. The advertisements had to be adapted to the language for each country separately. Though the ads may have run in different languages, when it comes to the end-result there is no way to deny that the promotion was a major international success.

It is clear that Facebook is becoming a worldwide digital broadcast center for brands. Facebook allows for quick exposure throughout the globe. While a commercial will certainly not span the globe, a single Facebook campaign clearly can. One more thing to remember for professional copywriters, if you are only targeting your local market, you are limiting yourself. It may seem like a lot of work, even overwhelming at times, but record-breaking sales such as those recorded by Domino's should inspire everyone that is interested in reaching their audience.