Dove's new positive message and what it means for branding your product in the future

Any good copywriter is always trying his or her hardest to target the message in such a way that it genuinely speaks to the consumer. However, what if the consumers could decide for themselves what type of message they like? That is the foundation of the new Dove Ad Makeover app.  Most people are already familiar with Dove's campaign that is based around natural beauty and women feeling comfortable in their own skin. The app in question allows women to select a number of different taglines to advertisements that they feel promote a positive outlook on beauty.

Even though it has not launched in the United States (or countries other than Brazil and Australia for that matter), it does open up interesting possibilities when it comes to positively engaging your target audience. Even though it does not replace actual other ads, chances are that that over time it may do so. After all, if you had ad space available, would you select the one ad that made someone feel good about themselves and had positive feedback or would you select the one that did not inspire such goodwill?

While users cannot select who is going to see the ads that they select (meaning that it is impossible to target a particular person), the app does introduce new possibilities when it comes to personal marketing. If you can ensure that your target audience starts sharing your message amongst one another on a personal note, it not only widens the range of your message but also increases recall when it comes to your product.