Southwest Airlines looking for new strategy

Even though Southwest Airlines may market itself as a budget airline, do not be fooled by that approach. Southwest flies all over the country and will start flying to the Caribbean and Mexico after taking over AirTran. In fact, Southwest carries more passengers on domestic flights than any other airline in the continental United States. It is safe to say that they have gotten 'big'.

So the question then begs to be asked, is it still relevant to position yourself as anti-establishment, as one of the little guys trying to break free from the mold of the big airlines, when you are in fact the largest domestic airline in the United States?

Copywriters throughout the United States must have been delighted to hear that for the first time in 30+ years Southwest was actually thinking about changing providers when it comes to their advertising. Even though it is not guaranteed that GSD&M is going to be replaced, it does say something when Southwest is actively taking meetings with at least six other companies. The final decision is expected in May, but before that, Southwest is expected to narrow the field down to three or four possible companies, GSD&M included.

If there is anything we can take from that in our own business, is that sometimes it pays to look for alternatives. If you have started the business several years ago and wrote your own copy, perhaps it is time for a new copywriter that can take the business a bit further, one that adds a different approach and tosses out a wider net than previously imagined.