Debuting a Super Bowl commercial on Twitter?

Last month, the vodka brand Chiroc - created by hip-hop impresario Sean Combs - created a series of 15-second videos that featured its spokesperson doing things that we would not normally expect of him, such as curling or bull fighting.

The moment the very first 'tweet ad' went live, rich media banners on the Say Media network were also activated. The ads that were being sent out redirected the viewer to a microsite that featured all four advertisements and contained various interactive features. It was possible to share the videos on Twitter and Facebook, send a tweet to Mr. Combs (who was actually online to respond to some of the tweets) or to leave a comment on the site.

It would appear that the brand wanted to make the traditionally passive television audience into an engaged online audience. It would seem as though the average consumer was certainly interested; there were 1.3 million impressions in only three days. The average viewer spent roughly 25.5 seconds on the site, and the mobile click through rate stood at 11 percent.

Even though the commercials may have never been intended to run during the actual Super Bowl, it did clearly pique the interest of a number of viewers. Chiroc wanted to gain attention, and judging by the numbers, it would appear as though the interactive ad experience may have accomplished just that.