Obama spending twice as much as Romney in relates to online ads

Obama is going to get the vote – at least from pay per click consultants and advertising copywriters. Even though Republican hopeful Mitt Romney is entangled in a tough primary battle for the Republican presidential nomination, Obama (the incumbent) spent twice as much as the former Governor of Massachusetts and investment guru.

Most online marketing strategists recognize that the online marketing strategy that President Obama used in 2008 (big online ad spending and digital media prowess) helped when it came to being selected. The presidential race in 2012 appears to be shaping up the same way.

Though Obama spent a great deal more than Romney, it was Romney that already stood out from the other Republican hopefuls. He spent more than the Republican National Committee and rest of the Republican presidential field combined. Romney spent $1.3 million more in online ads to be exact.

The online advertising budget for Romney so far has been $2.45 million. However, he spent $1.5 million of that amount between October and December. This is when the Republican primaries were starting to become more hotly contested

However, when we compare the $2.45 million that Mitt Romney spent to the $5 million that President Obama spent and it shows that Obama is much more determined to harness the power of the internet whereas the Republican candidates are spending most of their money on television advertisements.

The runner up for the Republican nominees when it comes to online spending? Michele Bachmann with $432,000. Most industry experts agree that 2012 is almost certain to shatter the previous records for online presidential campaign ad budgets.